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We have been successful in the development of individual software solutions as well as consulting and other services in every phase of the development process. Furthermore, we consult and support in choosing appropriate methods, frameworks and tools, independent of any manufacturer.

Realizing great ideas with great partners

  • 1. The Idea

    You already have a precise idea for your software or are you at the very beginning of your project? We will help you in the preproject phase and continue to support you throughout your project

  • 2. Assessment

    From your personal situation we derive first steps towards your project's implementation and find the best concept for realizing your project and for our cooperation in a joint effort.

  • 3. The Solution

    Interested in a cooperative realization?

    In a joint kick-off workshop we will present our concepts and strategies to you. Taking your wishes into account, we work out the composition of expertise needed in our team to perfectly match your needs. We support a constant exchange of given knowledge between our team and your colleagues.

  • 4. The Execution

    We rely on best-practice methods of project management which we will adjust to fit your personal needs. Constant transparency is of utmost importance to us which we will guarantee using demo- and test systems, a project-wiki, issue-tracker as well as precise verification of work time and burndown-charts.

  • 5. Retrospective

    After every milestone we conduct a retrospective meeting with everyone involved in the project to keep improving on both successful and less successful aspects.

  • 6. Delivery

    As the final delivery step we would like to focus on giving a complete and clear overview rather than a quick outline. Therefore, we will provide you with software in the form of source- and binary code as well as elaborate documentation of development and production so that you are able to work with our product completely autonomously after delivery.