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The people at Flavia …

We "Flavianer" are part of an employee-focused company with a special interest in teamwork. We know and respect each other: our professional strengths, our individual skills and our personal preferences. Working with Flavianers is focused on results, expedient and - it's a lot of fun! This motivation is supported by a collaboration on an equal footing, personal feedback as well as constant transfer of knowledge - for our knowledge is our capital. We work with few centralized teams and many decentralized teams and take on many different tasks: from consulting during the preparation phase up to maintenance during live-operation.

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… work as a team

A great variety of people and experience is required in complex projects to reach a common goal. At Flavia, teams consists of 2 to 7 members - if needed with a spokesperson - and are able to fulfill any wishes of our client due to their heterogeneous composition. The mutual exchange of thoughts and ideas as well as mentoring between the team members is also worth mentioning here, since it allows for a communicative and output-driven working climate that will spread through the whole project.
Many times Flavia teams have shown their adaptability towards foreign organizational structures. Whether via onshoring or on-site at the client, deploying a Flavia team helps our clients cut costs for composing a team themselves. This is also a great opportunity for our employees to gain new qualifications, improve existing ones, and to think outside the box.

... and form a learning organisation

We permanently question our own abilities, what we are able to accomplish, and what we aspire to achieve. We set goals for ourselves and review how successful we were in reaching them. We present the results of our work to each other and are thereby able to benefit from each other's knowledge. We transparently and openly create ideas and drafts for structuring our working environment and our outward appearance.

Project budgets, progress and investments are available to all employees in an open and practical fashion - especially when it comes to our own software. Information radiators, build monitors, dashboards, and posters visualize many different issues so we can quickly attain relevant information and focus on the important parts.

Last but not least: the greatest aspect of IT projects is coming in contact with a great variety of different fields of work, learning about their business models and approaches to solutions, and furthering both our personal and our professional knowledge.